Strategic investor communication services

DC Placement Advisors' services extend beyond the closing of a given fund or the work in preparation of a new fund raising. We advise our clients on all aspects of strategic communications with their existing or potential investor base. The goal is to build investor trust and loyalty to keep existing investors and to lay the groundwork for future fund raising efforts.

DC Placement team can work with you:


Development of positioning

To know how investors and gatekeepers or consultants really view your company and develop an investor-facing positioning strategy for your firm.


Bring it up to the point

To improve your business positioning in the relevant market, we work closely with you on your brand and go-to-market strategy.


Get you up on stage

To penetrate and arrange the participation of your senior client representatives at the most relevant industry conferences and arrange for speaking engagements and publication of articles in the main institutional investor press.



To lobby with key people from the industry


Speak with your clients

To develop an investor communication program including investor conference calls, regular performance reports and newsletters as well as face-to-face interaction of our client's senior staff with investors


Start your next fundraising ahead of the curve

To prepare your company to raise the next fund

The first step in exceeding your customers’ expectations
is to know those expectations.

Roy H Williams, Author and marketing consultant


Taken from: Investing in the future How megatrends are reshaping the future of the investment management industry,
KPMG International, 2014


Fund Advisory

By understanding the market environment and investor expectations we assess today's funding opportunities and pre-empt investor concerns.

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Fund Placement

You have to be familiar with the local market conditions and investor preferences to stand out of the crowd

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