Fund Placement Success in 3 Steps

DCPLA works closely with its clients throughout the fund placement process in order to achieve a successful fundraising.

01 / Pre-marketing

Solid foundation by thorough planning.


  • Investor mapping: focus on 500 to 800+ relevant global top AIF investors & advisors
  • Top-down approach: coverage based on AUM (down to EUR 1bn AUM, if necessary) 
  • Transparency & highest compliance standards: Fully transparent campaign management through deployment of the latest CRM technology 
  • Market warm-up: Market warm-up evangelizing & education of investor relations & strong pre-marketing efforts 

02 / Marketing

Disciplined execution of fund placement.


  • Full launch of fund/offering institutional marketing based on integrated distribution plans
  • Managing and coordinating investor meetings & roadshows 
  • Providing investor profiles for best prepared investor meetings 
  • Computation of post meeting feedpack and detailed meeting/class notes 
  • Regular follow-ups with investors 
  • Managing next steps

03 / Due Diligence & Closing

Harvest and focus on closing 

DCPLA Tasks 

  • Maintain sales efforts 
  • Manage and coordinate detailed commercial & legal due diligence requests and processes
  • Advise on closing process and timing 
  • Coordinate subscription pack and side letters 
  • Coordinate closing and assist in post-closing activities 

Fund Advisory

By understanding the market environment and investor expectations we assess today's funding opportunities and pre-empt investor concerns.

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Investor Communications

The goal is to build investor trust and loyalty to keep existing investors and to lay the groundwork for future fund raising efforts.

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Disciplined approach to satisfy the regulatory and compliance requirements of each target market

The business of DCPLA is built on state-of-the-art fundraising technology of the latest generation (a customisation of the CRM)
to run a disciplined process and to accomodate regulatory and compliance requirements. This not only contains up-to-date Global Institutional Investor Intelligence but also:

  • Facilitates running multiple and systematic campaigns
  • Coordinates all steps of a successful fundraising process
  • Captures all investor communications (e-mails, phone calls, meeting notes)
  • Produces sophisticated and extensive client reporting (monthly)
  • Full AIFMD compliance in order to access institutional investors based in the European Union
  • Verifies coverage to WpHG compliant investors (WpHG is the German securities trading law which verifies "qualified and professional investors")