Fund Advisory

At DC Placement Advisors we are inquisitive and result oriented. Before we take on an assignment we familiarize ourselves with the investment strategies and processes, the management team and operations of the fund manager. Moreover, we review the fund manager's track record and value creation skills.

Legal & Structuring

Assist in finding the proper legal structure and meet all necessary requirements of AIFMD in collaboration with leading lawyers and other service providers.


Assist in the preparation of the financial fund model

Commercial Review

Provide a thorough review of the amount of capital to be raised, partnership and fund terms

Marketing Documents

Provide input and feedback on key marketing documents to achieve the highest quality for the marketing material

Due Diligence

Carry out due diligence checks in anticipation of investor inquiries, including sustainability questions, and assist in the preparation of the due diligence questionnaire


Investor Communications

The goal is to build investor trust and loyalty to keep existing investors and to lay the groundwork for future fund raising efforts.

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Fund Placement

You have to be familiar with the local market conditions and investor preferences to stand out of the crowd

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