Investor Cloud

advinda is the world's first
cloud-based alternative investor intelligence service

Available on all devices, advinda makes raising capital across all asset classes easier
and accelerates finding and connecting with top-tier Limited Partners (LPs).

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Investor Intelligence on €68trn AUM at Your Finger Tips

advinda is the only CRM that comes pre-filled with investor intelligence. advinda provides instant access to and tracks communication with active global institutional investors managing more than €68trn AUM.


Discover advinda Investor Cloud here.


How advinda makes capital raising easier:

  • General Partners (GPs) subscribe only to the contacts they need - investor intelligence is segmented by geography, type of institutional investor and AUM thresholds
  • Access LPs from the cloud - no more downloading outdated databases or trying to use spreadsheets to manage investor contacts
  • Learn from the Pros: advinda was designed by very experienced capital raisers; our best practice knowledge supports you across the entire sales cycle, from start of your marketing campaign until final commitment of the LP!
  • Gain management visibility and full transparency into capital raising and investor relations activities
  • Track communications to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements


It’s all online, ready-to-use with no technology knowledge needed to install or administer

Get started here: email us at or call us at +49-89-80 91 34 315 / +1-407-68 01 180 / +44-20-38 75 89 00